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Background  We are an interior design studio based in Mount Pleasant, SC.   We provide design and installation services for homes, businesses, stage sets, museum...

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Shannon, I can’t say what my end result would have been if you were not involved in the design process when I built my home. I can’t tell you how many compliments & accolades your designs have received! You were so easy to work with & you brought so many unique ideas to the project. As we had discussed before, when it comes time to do it all over again, you will most definitely be the one I come to! Thank you for your expertise and foresight. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Best regards,



Shannon Hall is an exceptional designer who is passionate about her profession and is extremely knowledgeable in all matters of interior design.Thoroughbred Farm Interior Design

Shannon and I, along with a team of contractors and a design architect, designed and built a 30,000 sq ft residence in central NJ.  Shannon was an integral part of the effort to build and complete this project.  Her attention to detail, creativity, knowledge of what works in a residence of that size, and her dedication to the project was amazing.  The level of detail in a residence of this size was  overwhelming, but Shannon handled it well and provided me with important guidance.

Shannon was always available to me and the team and was great to work with.She demonstrated an impressive level of expertise and professionalism during the building process. 

It was a pleasure working with this talented professional woman and I would recommend Shannon to anyone needing an experienced and qualified professional.

Sincerely yours,




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